What does instant nang delivery mean? 

At NangWizard, we provide instant nang delivery across Melbourne. This means that once you have purchased a product off of our website we aim to have the product in your hands within 20-60 minutes!


We offer 100% refunds guaranteed if the product hasn’t been received with 90 minutes and once you have requested a refund as long as our driver isn’t >30 minutes away from your destination, you’ll receive all your money back guaranteed. 

If you want a refund once you received the product that is also fine!

(as long as the packaging isn’t opened/damaged) The exchange location will be Ringwood area & possibly from our closest driver. 


– first-time cash orders will need a down payment for security reasons & or if you are more than 20kms away from our closest driver.

– our cash drivers are often not available before 12pm-2pm so electrical payment may be necessary in order to receive your product within the hour.  

Our number 1 priority is our customers;

happy customer, happy wizard!