Looking to prepare delectable treats in an easier and faster way? Our high-quality whippers and chargers can help you with that. They’re an absolute must-have for preparing pure and flavoured whipped cream for polished desserts.

But don’t limit yourself when using our products as they can also help you make delightful recipes that require mousses, sauces, and any kind of topping.

When you get our premium-grade whippers and cream chargers, you’ll be able to enjoy a more efficient way to create delicacies because they’re easy to use and clean. Just add fresh whipping cream, insert the charger, shake the dispenser, and that’s it! You can even add powdered sugar for a sweeter-tasting whipped cream.

Planning to use our products for your business? They can help you achieve almost twice the serving volume of whipped cream compared to other methods, which makes them perfectly suitable for restaurants, ice cream parlours, and coffee houses.

And as they’re so handy, they’re also great for food trucks, counter bars, and even the tiniest kitchen.

The chargers are filled with high-quality Nitrous Oxide (N2O) that acts as a natural antibiotic. It means it makes the cream stay fresh inside the whipper for up to 10 days, or even two weeks if kept in the refrigerator.

On this page, you can get a Supreme 0.5L Premium Cream Whipper, Cream Charger packs, or maybe a combo package – a whipper and cream charger bundle. For the chargers, you can order depending on how many bulbs you need, and you can get up to 600 bulbs if you use your whipper all day every day!

Running low on thickened whip cream? No worries, because we have that, too.

We cater to all clients, including big companies. So, if you’re looking for a professional provider of whipped cream, whipped cream dispensers, and whipped cream chargers in large quantities, we’ll be glad to help you.

Simply order online, and we’ll provide instant Nang delivery across Melbourne. We aim to get you your baking and party needs as soon as possible. We guarantee that you can always count on the wizard.

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