8 X Large Cream Charger Tanks 580g (N2O)


-Includes a safety release valve
-no brand preference
A safety release nozzle is designed to connect to the cream charger 580g tank and release gas, in order to know that it either has gas in it or it is empty and ready to recycle.
The valve is used to ensure the
580g N2O tank, these cream charger tanks are designed for making cocktails and nitrous flavour infusions and are also used to whip cream using a cream dispenser connected to a regulator & hose fitting. The contents of the tank is N2O (food-grade).  Each 580 g tank is about equivalent to 80 cream chargers once you consider gas loss due to the gas leakage that occurs when using the smaller 8gram cream charger bulbs, and also much less clean up!

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