How to use Whip Cream Chargers: The Key to Freshly Whipped Cream

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It’s so much more satisfying to make your own fresh whipped cream. All you’ll need is a whipped cream dispenser, some thickened cream, and some cream charger Nitrous Oxide (N2O) canisters.

Many food industry professionals refer to this equipment as whipped cream dispensers or siphons. It can go a long way to serve a variety of purposes.

A whipped cream dispenser is a hand-held kitchen appliance that whips foods with nitrous oxide gas, giving them a fluffy, pillowy texture. Whipped cream siphons function by infusing the product with nitrous oxide gas, which produces a large number of tiny bubbles and gives it a light, whipped texture.

Many dispensers also include a variety of tips and accessories that you may use to embellish baked items or create a lovely presentation for your clients.

whipped cream

What Are Whipped Cream Chargers For?

The whipped cream charger narrow end is wrapped in foil, which releases nitrous oxide (N2O) gas when broken. This is frequently done using a sharp pin in the whipped cream dispenser. Chargers can vary from a 1200 x cream charger to a 400 x cream charger.

While their primary role is to whip cream for dessert toppings and hot beverages, cream chargers are capable of much more.

whipped cream coffee

How To Use Whipped Cream Dispensers?

The basic structure of a whipped cream charger is a steel cartridge or cylinder filled with nitrous oxide (N2O) gas. It’s utilised in whipped cream dispensers as a whipping agent. The foil coating on the tapered end of N2O canisters is broken to release the gas under pressure. 

The seal is broken with a pointed pin in the whipped cream dispenser. N2O cream chargers are commonly used to make high-quality fresh whipped cream for hot beverages and dessert toppings. They can also be utilised in various culinary applications, such as giving specific components of sweet and savoury foods a desirable texture. Intriguingly, the N2O used in cream chargers is also used as an oxidiser in hybrid rocket engines.

Cocktail foams or espumas in Spanish, mousses, sauces, and flavoured cream for puddings can all be made with cream whip charges. Whipped cream chargers with nitrous oxide also add a final touch to gourmet foods, hot beverages, and even iced coffee. Furthermore, cream charging pallets allow you to infuse alcoholic liquids such as cocktails, oils, and vinegar in minutes rather than two weeks, saving you a significant amount of time. It is now recognised as a great cooking equipment device for all of these reasons and more.

Making Whipped Cream Using a Charger

Step 1

Remove the whipped cream dispenser’s top and insert the tip. Make sure the tip is screwed onto the head valve’s end. The O-ring or gasket must also be in place on the underside of the head.

Step 2

Pour in your cream or preferred liquids, syrups, sugars, or extracts up to the max fill line. Ensure you don’t overfill the container.

Step 3

Screw the top onto the canister evenly and firmly, taking care not to cross-thread it. With the shorter end facing upward, one whipper cream charger bulb should be put into the charger holder and fitted onto the dispenser’s head. Gently twist the charging holder onto the whipper’s head until a hiss is heard when the gas is released. You can remove the charger hold or leave it in place once the gas has been released.

Step 4

Turn the whipped cream dispenser upside down and shake it a few times to mix the nitrous with the cream. Shake the dispenser a few times before repressing the lever if the cream is too runny.

Last Step

Your whipped cream dispenser must be cleaned. Release excess pressure and unscrew the tip and top when the cream charger is empty. Discard the charger and remove any residue from the nozzle with warm water and a tiny brush.

NOTE: The thickening cream’s expiration date is the same as the whipped cream’s.

coffee with whipped cream

The Benefits of Whipped Cream Chargers

Because of the numerous advantages that cream chargers provide, they are becoming increasingly popular. Some of the benefits of using N2O canisters are stated below:

Better Taste

It’s a great alternative to using fat-rich stabilisers like gelatine or agar to make fresh whipped cream the usual way. The cream is swiftly chilled because it is aerated in a closed system inside cream whippers. As a result, it doesn’t require any additional ingredients to maintain its light, airy texture. Furthermore, because such stabilisers typically conceal the authentic flavour of your preparations, this results in a better taste.

Fresher Foam

Another evident benefit of cream chargers is their capacity to keep sauces and foams fresh for longer, allowing you to prepare them ahead of time. Because cream dispensers have an airtight seal, even the most delicate combinations (such as egg or dairy) can survive up to a week if properly preserved. Although this time can be several days in commercial settings, it is still a suitable preservation method.

Save you money

Whipped cream chargers can be used to give non-aerated salads and sauces more volume and shape. This provides you with plenty of possibilities to try out new recipes. The sauce binds well with the meal (excellent for covering pasta) and accentuates the tastes when pressure is applied. Furthermore, with the addition of gas, the airy mix has significantly more volume than with traditional methods, allowing your cylinder to last longer and save you money in the long term.

For Beverages

Whip cream chargers are the quickest way to infuse various tastes into alcoholic beverages such as cocktails. Infusing your desired flavour into any alcoholic beverage takes less than two minutes instead of two weeks. When nitrous oxide is released from a whipped cream charger inside a whipped cream dispenser, the mainly liquid and nitrous oxide gas react organically with the flavouring component under tremendous pressure. 

The gas creates bubbles and thoroughly absorbs the flavour of the agent when the pressure in the cream dispenser is released. When you combine an alcoholic beverage and an aromatic agent in a whipped cream siphon, the flavour infusion process takes just minutes instead of weeks, and the flavours are just as good as they are with the traditional approach.

Safety Precautions

To protect yourself and your cream whipper during cleaning, keep the following in mind:

  • Cleaning or removing the little gaskets on the pressure valve stick too forcefully can cause damage.
  • Never use stainless steel cleaners or other abrasive cleaning solutions on your cream whipper.
  • Do not remove the pressure valve stick while the bottle is filled with nitrous oxide.

raspberries with whipped cream

Think of all the fun things you can do with your whipping siphon if you use the suggestions here and your imagination—and maybe save a few calories in the process!

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