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Although it’s possible to buy a cream whipper and whipped cream chargers separately, you can save yourself money and time and purchase one of our Combo Packages. The package includes a reliable, durable, and top-quality 0.5L cream whipper along with a pack of premium whipped cream nitrous oxide (N20) chargers of any brand in our offer.

In general, you can opt for cream whipper with 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, or 600x cream chargers. It all depends on what you require at the moment for your baking and infusing needs. All the products you see at Nang Wizard come at the best prices possible, providing you with a chance to get your hands on top-quality products without spending a fortune.

As for our range of cream chargers brands, we work only with the best in the industry, including AussieWhip, BestWhip, InfusionMax, IsiPro, and SupremeWhip. When buying a Combo Package, you have a free choice regarding the charger, so if any of the brands above is your favourite, you’re in luck.

Also, when ordering in Melbourne, we can guarantee instant delivery! If you place your order via our online store, you can expect to get your products within a 20-60 minute waiting period. For instance, let’s say you run a cafe or bakery and run out of whipped cream. In this case, ordering via Nang Wizard will ensure you get the cream chargers fast and resume your work. Save your time and money with us. Place your order today and see for yourself how efficient we are!

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